Bathroom Window Treatments and Its Pros and Cons

Window Treatments for Bathroom

Now the bathroom more and more in common with the living room, and therefore comes the quastion for bathroom window treatments. Also, for the storage of many┬ábath accessories used furniture, and some for relaxation, for lighting chandeliers in the decoration – wallpaper and textiles. But let’s say some wordds about privacy in it – how we can handle with this big and open space in your area.

A method of limit the flow of light, to avoid unnecessary attention and simply decorate the interior of the bathroom – to cover with something window. The choice is not much different from that in other rooms: suitable curtains, blinds, shutters or rolls. But unlike other rooms, you need to take into account higher humidity bath. This does not exclude the use of tissue, but does care of it especially important. Best bathroom window treatments for it is wood for shutters or blinds that should be thoroughly polished or painted in appropriate colours. All metal elements such as loops have to be made of stainless steel, and the roller blind mechanism must be moisture-resistant. If you chose the fabric, it is important to remember that in the evening hours, when you turn the light on, thin light gonna shine through.

Bathroom Window Treatments for Privacy

Roman blinds – ideal for the bathroom with a window. Installing them is very easy, they are comfortable and easy to handle. Opt for environmentally friendly fabrics – cotton, flax – plus they are easy to care. For modern bathroom window treatments use stained glass that will suit fans of exotic design. It can be made by any pattern that you offer. And if you’re not afraid to hide from prying eyes, you can not close the window at all – let the sunshine mixed with soap bubbles that will decorate the room any better than especially thoughtful decor.

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