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Cornice Window Treatments Perfect Idea for Your House

Make Your Own Cornice Window Treatments

Decorating your house with curtains and draperies, don’t forget about cornice window treatments. This segment of the interior has its own fashion and tendencies. Corbels are able to add a finishing touch to a dwelling. A happy choice of a cornice create a general impression about a room, it can give a charm to plain fabrics and elaborate a design.

Contemporary cornice window treatments unite new ideas and materials with classic. Thick wood or metallic curtain rods with large rings for holding drapes are used for centuries. They are good for heavy dense clothes and make wonderful folds. Of course, this variation is for a splendid style and is suitable for big rooms and gaps.

Wood Cornice Window Treatments

Thin, barely visible corbels are good for light fabrics. Two rows of them allow hanging up transparent curtains and lightproof drapes. This method gives a state of weightlessness. A modern tendency is to make holders blurred, even not visible against the background of the wall and draperies

For to make the atmosphere of your dwelling softer and more romantic, use upholstered cornice window treatments. They can be flat and have a modest look.  Folds, valances and rushes create a spectacular character. A game with tints of fabrics is always a winning move.

Take notice of the height of your room. If you have a low ceiling, hang up a ledge on it for to make your room visually higher. Big rooms with tall windows permit to install a ledge straight over the opening.

Crown Molding Cornice Window Treatments

Cornice board window treatments are state-of-the-art. A board hides holders, gives an unusual look and represents the single whole with shades and wallpapers, especially if it has the same color. Bold colors fit for a dynamic interior. Anyway, all types of ledges are integral parts of an embellishment.

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