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Shade for French Door

The French door shades have a peculiarity and they are usually used with handles, so if you are eager to put curtains to such doors you need to think about how to put them in the best way. It is simpler to put curtains or shades on the ordinary doors where there are no handles. But it is still possible to do, you just need to keep to certain rules to install drapes and keep handles free from them.

If you have made up your mind to put drapes on your entries, you have to think about the shapes of your doors and not to forget where your handles are located to do everything in the right way. It is desirable that shades for French doors should be with shallow draping and they should be hanging not far from the entries in case they are made of fabric or laces or any other similar material.

Roman Shades French Doors

The roller shades for French doors and the curtains that are made of wood are a very comfortable decision for that as they are not complicated in installing, they are very practical and there will be almost no trouble with handles during an installing process and after it when using them. It is preferable to use brackets which are kept quite well, especially in case you are going to open and close the curtains very often. It will prevent you from buying new curtains all the time as the old one will be broken frequently.

Also builders and designers advise to use French door roller shades which don’t have a cord as they are much easier and simpler in use and it is safer to use these things for children or pets that you might have at home. Decorate your house or office as you like and think about convenience and safety.

Fabric Shades for French Doors

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