Paper Window Shades is Really a Perfect Option

Paper Shades for Windows

The paper window shades are a light and mostly temporary variant for curtains protecting your from sun rays or giving a special design to your dwellings.

Temporary paper shades for windows are usually aimed to be sued for some kind of season. It can be a summer period when you wish to hide from the hot and often aggressive sun rays and keep a room in coolness or maybe you are willing to get your windows more warmed during the winter time.

Paper Pleated Window Shades

Designs for such curtains may be from oriental rice paper window shades with Chinese or Japanese drawings and sophisticated tastes to a modern black paper window shade of a minimalistic styling. The most popular shades are pleated ones which are used in working offices almost everywhere in the world and they can be drawn or opened with ease and they provide excellent protection from the sun and heat. When buying pleated drapes people prefer to purchase white coloured ones but their fault is that they get dirty very quickly. You have to wash them or buy the new curtains. So you had better purchase black coloured shades and they will be preserved for a longer time in a good condition.

Also if you have necessary skills and wonderful imagination you may create original and exclusive paper curtains with your own hands and draw on them anything you like or wish: from Mona Lisa to some abstract painting or you may order your individual drawing for curtains in a store if you wish. For example, it can be some famous painting which you like very much.

But don’t forget that such material is rather fragile and not durable. It is ideal to have paper curtains for summer or spring but not for years. So think properly before buying them.

Paper Pleated Window Shades

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