Some Rustic Window Treatments for You

Rustic Cabin Window Treatments

What is welcoming home, this word present an interior that combines the harmony and perfection, and you can create a similar atmosphere appeal to rustic window treatments. In his creation is not the last role played by textile items. Curtains in a cottage on a small window – what could be nicer and more comfortable, because who does not like things like that. Looking for a nice one┬ámade from natural fabrics, tulle or organza lightest, that pulls a light, fresh breeze, filled with aromas of meadow grasses. And tasteful country style cornice will be a highlight of the interior.

As for rustic curtains window treatments for the kitchen, they can be decorated with different options. For example, it may be a small bow. This solution can be implemented with your own hands. Consequently, it will be cheap and guaranteed to be exclusive. Experts in interior decoration are advised to use natural materials such as wood. The color scheme must also be repeated wood shades.

Rustic Decor Window Treatments

Presence throughout the whole year a lot of sun has affected on the highlights specific to the style of Provence, which is inherent in the southern coast of France. Preferences in the interior of houses in the village should be given light and muted shades of the cold color palette: white, blue, lavender.

Such rustic window shades, colored textiles, used for decoration of openings, allow you to create a relaxed atmosphere filled with freshness. Naturally, the blinds and curtains is best to sew from natural fabrics, which include cotton, flax, and lawn. Often the rooms of the cottage in french style are drawn of lightest ones, well-decorated with all the familiar motives: flower arrangements, images of grapes or lavender inflorescences.

Rustic window treatments ideas include using of additional decorative elements on the curtains. Feel free Make the window ribbons, catch on it, brushes and fabric flowers, ruffles and frills.

Rustic Window Treatments Valance

And finally, a little bit about how to make curtains by yourself. We need to take a piece of fabric of suitable size, color and pattern, then to hem it, envisaging the top of slips. Then placed it on a rod and put through the braid. If the curtain is gathered then we need to take the width of the fabric, which is will twice the width of the window.

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